16 May 2011

Little Music Maker

Can't. Stop. Playing.

Click. Double Click. Click and drag. Most importantly, have (loads of) fun wasting time.

04 May 2011


I want a desk this epic.

P.S. To random people: Stop advertising on my blog or I will destroy you.

16 April 2011


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I am all over the place with this logo.

Option One:
I wouldn't say this is the first one I came up with, but it's the oldest out of those shared here.

Option Two:
I wasn't sure how I felt about the placement of the boots, so I made four vector mountain ranges and played around with them a bit.

Option Three:
I don't like these at all, but they brought about my transition into the next two options. I liked the idea of tilting the mountains so I continued that theme through the whole logo.

Option Four:
Collectively, I like these the most. I believe the font works much better than what I was using before.

Option Five:
I especially like the second one from the right.

Ehhhh... I don't know..